Representatives of Mr. Trump's company have recently spoken with Deutsche Bank, the president's largest creditor, about the possibility of postponing payments on at least some of its loans from the bank.

And in Florida, the Trump Organization sought guidance last week from Palm Beach County about whether it expected the company to continue making monthly payments on county land that it leases for a 27-hole golf club.


"These days everybody is working together," said Eric Trump, the president's son, who helps manage the family business. "Tenants are working with landlords, landlords are working with banks. The whole world is working together as we fight through this pandemic."

The Trump Organization's requests put lenders and landlords in the awkward position of having to accede or risk alienating Mr. Trump.

Wow, kumbaya, Eric Trump! That's totally what individuals and businesses without "Trump" in their names are experiencing -- their lenders and landlords coming together in a veritable drum circle to help out, instead of, for example, landlords who won't budge, a government and big bank incompetent roll-out of small business aid, clogged unemployment offices, and tax rebate checks that will likely take months to get out.

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