Articles over the weekend in The Washington Post and The New York Times offered new details on how Trump and his family met with their overseas business partners after the election. The Post story described plans for a luxury Trump tower in the country of Georgia that had been bogged down for years in government red tape, but suddenly got clearance to proceed.

Separately, The New York Times reported that Trump's business partner in the Philippines, Jose E.B. Antonio, flew to New York to meet with the Trump family after the election. Antonio was recently appointed the Philippines' official envoy to the U.S., and he and the Trumps discussed expanding their relationship after Trump becomes president, the report said.

The stories follow news that Trump met with his Indian business partners after the election, and that he spoke with British politician Nigel Farage about offshore windmills that could affect his Scottish golf course.


It's clear, however, that Trump will need to do something to answer even his supporters, who say he needs to build a wall between his company and office. But so far, all of the solutions proposed have been unrealistic or ineffective window dressing, legal and ethics experts have said.

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