``"I think I'm the right person to run this company today," he told Cramer. "I care deeply about this company. I've been there for 31 years. I know how the company operates. I've taken responsibility. I don't think you should be criticized for taking responsibility, acknowledging mistakes you've made, which we've done, and then moving the company forward. Judge me on what I said we would do and what we've done."

Sloan, who has also been Wells Fargo's chief financial officer and led its wholesale banking division during his three-decade tenure, reiterated that he would understand calls for his resignation "if I'm not getting things done."


The CEO cited some of his company's recent earnings results to support that claim: not only has Wells Fargo regained momentum in prime checking account growth -- a metric that tracks consumers who bank with Wells Fargo -- since it "ground to a halt" in 2016, but deposit, loan and earnings per share growth are also turning, he told Cramer.

"We made $6.1 billion in the quarter. And when you look at our earnings per share for 2018 -- $4.28 -- it was the highest earnings per share in 166 years," Sloan said. "You see that deposit growth [was] up year over year from a consumer standpoint, and [...] you also see loan growth. Our loan growth in the fourth quarter was the strongest that we'd seen in two years. Two years. And it was across the board."

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