The bank says this reprimand will cost them between $300 million and $400 million in earnings this year, but that is less than 2 percent of its total 2017 earnings of $22 billion. If that is indeed all it costs the bank, and they successfully pass their review in September, then it's possible that the stock's recent declines could be the end of Wells Fargo's worries.

That said, some analysts have been surprised how quickly the bank was able to estimate an implied quantitative cost for what is essentially a qualitative and broad issue at the bank. In light of that, Wells Fargo passing its review on September 30th will not be a precise science.

Furthermore, there is also the question of long term damage and market share losses from the limit on growth and negative press, particularly at a time when rivals are freer to lend and grow than they have been for years. This is highlighted by rival JP Morgan's recent push into new markets -- many where Wells Fargo has a big presence.

Should they fail the review later this year, and the cap on assets remains, then the extent of impact on Wells Fargo will be far more significant.

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