At Trump Turnberry, his Ayrshire golf hotel, the average cost of a two-night stay has fallen by 57 per cent, from £498 to £215, while steep drops have also been found for stays at Trump Doral in Miami (down 53 per cent), Trump Washington DC (down 52 per cent), Trump Vancouver (down 48 per cent), and Trump New York (down 32 per cent). Only the president's Irish hotel, Trump Doonbeg, has seen a rise in rates, from £334 to £357.


Rates for the premium rooms at his portfolio of properties have also fallen. A two-night stay in the executive suite at Trump Panama, for example, was priced at £3,129 during January 2017, but during January 2018 it could be yours for only £814.

While it conceded that there were other factors at play, FairFX suggested the falling prices were also indicative of a widespread fall in demand -- with travellers apparently put off by Trump's policies.

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