Visitors to the Trump International Hotel in Washington were greeted with a provocative message Monday night: "Pay Trump bribes here."

Artist and filmmaker Robin Bell said he projected those words onto the hotel's facade from a van across the street, hoping to call attention to accusations that President Donald Trump is allowing foreign leaders to pay for access by staying at a Trump property just a few blocks from the White House.


The Trump Organization rents the space for the Trump International Hotel from the General Services Administration. Because the President oversees the GSA, Trump effectively became both landlord and tenant when he was sworn in.

But the federal government ruled in March that the hotel is not violating its lease, despite a clause that says no government official can be a party to it. The GSA determined that the financial trusts and legal arrangements that Trump set up to manage his businesses have ensured that he will not get any money from the hotel while he is in office.

Seems fair to us; keep the hotel, be subject to messages projected on your buildings making in plain text the bribery that surely cannot help but from occur...

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