Trump isn't canceling anything here [with the DACA announcement]. He supposedly is rallying his base once again, but if that's even true, I don't know why this would rally them. Trump isn't actually canceling anything, he's just appearing to cancel something that his base is said to want canceled... while in reality he's only passing the buck to Congress to pass DACA into law. Then, he can remind supporters he cancelled it... it was Congress that brought it back.


To be entirely honest, I also think many Trump supporters also like whatever he does as long as they see it as infuriating those they view as being on the left.  They had to put up with Obama, they remind me, so now the left has to put up with whatever "this" happens to be.

I guess I understand that sort of thinking, it's human nature to some degree.  But, it made more sense in the first few months of the Trump presidency.  At this point we should be talking about (and hoping for) the new administration to do positive things for people in this country, regardless of whether Democrat or Republican... or Libertarian, Green Party or whatever other political affiliation.

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