For signs of whether Trump actually intends to deport nearly a million recipients, pay far more attention to the six-month delay than the report that he has "decided to end" the program. During those six months, he'll ask Congress to deal with the issue. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., has made the politics easy for Trump, having already come out against ending the program.


SO THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S Tuesday announcement accomplished several things at once. It satisfied the states' attorneys general, who will now pull back on their lawsuit threat. And it satisfied the element of Trump's base eager for an ultra-hard line on immigration. The protests against the program's cancellation that have already begun will deepen the feeling among that portion of Trump's base that he is truly fighting for them.

For a less sanguine take, see Jeff Toobin's piece:

... handing off the decision to Congress, which has shown itself unwilling to address the issue of Dreamers, is a decision itself. It's a decision to expose the Dreamers to an uncertain, and perhaps disastrous, futures. And that judgment may haunt the nation's conscience for decades to come.

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