The EU's rapporteur on Turkey, Kati Piri, said given the "unfair election environment," EU accession talks will be suspended if the constitution is passed in its current form. The European Commission, in a statement, said the constitutional amendments, and their implementation "will be assessed in light of Turkey's obligations" as an accession candidate and as a member of the Council of Europe. French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron predicted Turkey's EU membership won't progress in coming years.


The result is a remarkable turnaround for a president who just nine months ago faced down an attempted military coup. The uprising was quickly crushed and, armed with a popular mandate to consolidate his rule, Erodgan now has room to crack down further on his opponents. In the nine months since imposing a state of emergency, he's already fired more than 100,000 people and jailed 40,000, among them academics, journalists and judges.

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