At first, Trump's call to repeal and replace simultaneously disrupted the party -- which at the time was intent on repealing now and figuring out the rest later. But eventually, they came around to Trump's apparent position and stopped sniping for a few weeks. Now that the party is back in disarray, no one is quite sure what Trump wants. They're straining to read the tea leaves from a president whose latest statements about Obamacare have confused the timeline and offered no clear direction.


Now the Freedom Caucus -- in tandem with Paul, who's been meeting with the rowdy band of conservatives regularly -- are pushing for another vote on a 2015 repeal bill vetoed by President Barack Obama. That was originally the starting point for Republicans after the election. But now, some Republican senators are wary, because there's no guarantee it would be replaced with something satisfactory to millions of their constituents... The party has little room to maneuver, with a narrow 52-48 majority in the Senate and a bloc of Freedom Caucus members in the House that could, in theory, block the GOP's repeal efforts.

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