According to the Times, Trump said "he would not accept a delay of more than a few weeks before a replacement plan was voted on."

Congressional Republicans, however, are nowhere close to proposing a plan to replace the sweeping healthcare law, let alone having something in place that can be voted on, withstand a Senate filibuster and be sent to the White House for Trump's signature.

These comments from Trump could put Republican leaders in a bind, as they have already been fielding widespread concerns from rank-and-file members about moving too fast to dismantle Obamacare when there is little consensus on an alternative.

Trump's interview also appears to suggest the incoming President's lack of understanding about the process that is already unfolding on Capitol Hill to repeal large parts of the law -- a first procedural vote is expected some time this week, but a final repeal bill was not expected to be voted on for weeks or months.

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