When we talk about America's need for an improved and repaired infrastructure, we usually focus on roads, airports, and innovative new projects like the Hyperloop. But we often forget the crucial role dams play in our infrastructure grid. When built and used properly, dams provide crucial clean water resources for commercial and private use, ease the effects and threats of flooding, and also provide a massive source of power via hydroelectricity.


In medicine, the first rule is "do no harm." And when it comes to building and rebuilding America, the first rule should be to avoid the worst disasters. Whether it's the Oroville Dam or collapsing bridges like I-35 bridge in Minneapolis 10 years ago, there are a lot of potential disasters that need to be on the top of President Trump's building plans. If the new president is truly the non-politician he often claims to be, addressing California's water fiascoes will indeed be infrastructure job #1.

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