``Gateway might be the most vivid current illustration of America's literally crumbling infrastructure--and of the dysfunctional zero-sum politics that often stymies efforts to fix it. Trump's grand vision for $1 trillion worth of "gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways and waterways" was his most obvious opportunity for bipartisan policymaking. Instead, along with his Republican allies who control Congress, he has prioritized trying to repeal Obamacare, cutting taxes and building his wall. The "infrastructure advisory council" he convened in 2017, led by two of his fellow Manhattan developers, was quickly disbanded after his racial controversy over Charlottesville. His long-promised $1 trillion infrastructure plan emerged neither big nor bold, calling for just $200 billion in federal spending, none of it necessarily new. And the plan was instantly buried in Congress, where infrastructure is no longer even on the agenda for 2018. The White House's periodic attempts to declare an "Infrastructure Week" have become a running Washington punchline, inevitably overshadowed by scandals like Charlottesville and his firing of his FBI director.''

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