``How is it even possible to have something going all around us for four straight years... something as important as saving homes from foreclosure... that we've collectively managed to remain resolute in our ignorance? Do we have some sort of widespread institutional learning disability?

No. It's simple, really. We don't give a damn about it. Getting your loan modified means you're a deadbeat borrower... you bought a house you couldn't afford... should never have even been approved for the loan... and the faster you're evicted the better, as far as we are concerned. So, don't even talk to us about the loan modification process and how it should be handled in order to prevent as many foreclosures as possible, we just could not care less.

Besides, isn't that whole foreclosure thing almost over anyway? That's what the news on T.V. and in the papers have been saying. So, what's the problem? I'm doing fine. In fact, I'm hoping you get thrown out of your house soon, so perhaps I can go buy it on the cheap. Maybe you should stop whining and get a job.''

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