``A few weeks ago the state bar's Review Board, which functions as the appeals court of the bar's trial court, published a ruling that effectively prohibits lawyers representing homeowners in the hopes of getting their loan modified from accepting fees AFTER work has been completed. The new ruling will essentially eliminate a homeowner's ability to consult with an attorney having anything to do with a loan modification, as it will prevent that attorney from being paid for his or her work even after services have been delivered.

So, bravo... and very well done there, I have to say.

Of course, the state bar would likely respond by saying something about protecting the public from scammers, but the bar's own press release issued on September 27, 2012, stated that since 2009 in California, there have been just 22 lawyers disbarred. How many had anything to do with SB 94? I don't know... maybe none... maybe a couple... but in a state with 37 million residents, 500,000 foreclosures to-date, and over 200,000 licensed attorneys, whatever the number is... it's not many.

What SB 94 as interpreted by the state bar has accomplished is to chase virtually all of the legitimate lawyers away from offering to help homeowners at risk of foreclosure get their loans modified, leaving mostly scams, illegal operations, spurious lawsuits and bankruptcy rip-offs from which homeowners in this state are now free to choose. Its gotten so bad that it's hard to find a homeowner fighting foreclosure who hasn't been ripped of at least once, and many report having been ripped off two and three times.''

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