In one of the largest mortgage fraud schemes in the history of Massachusetts, eleven individuals have been charged with a sprawling conspiracy that has the defendants potentially facing a collective total of 4,805 years imprisonment.

The two lawyers who allegedly masterminded the scheme each face 1,015 years in federal prison if convicted on all counts.

Earlier this week, the Justice Department indicted nine individuals in federal court after FBI agents and other law enforcement officials conducted an early morning round up of nearly all of the alleged conspirators.

Two defendants, Daniel Appolon and Samuel Jean-Louis, have not been located, while the others all pled not guilty to all charges in the 68-count indictment.

Among those charged with the scheme were two Boston lawyers and seven mortgage brokers.

The two lawyers, Eric L. Levine and J. Daniel Lindley, allegedly took part in all of the transactions related to the scheme, according to court documents.

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