"United States Attorney Karen L. Loeffler announced that on August 21, 2009, lead defendant Lance Lockard was sentenced to 70 months in prison for his leadership of a largescale mortgage fraud scheme.

Lockard was the ninth and last defendant to be sentenced for his role in the largest mortgage fraud investigation in Alaska's history. In total, nine individuals and one corporate defendant were convicted and sentenced for their roles in a widespread, three-year long scheme to defraud some 13 mortage lenders and banks in 57 different loan transactions netting over $1,700,000 in profits and over $2.5 million in losses to the financial institutions. United States District Court Judge Ralph Beistline, who presided over the case, sentenced the nine defendants to a total of 14 and ½ years of imprisonment, and imposed fines of over $90,000 and restitution of over $2.5 million dollars."

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