While many of the city's office buildings have been empty for over a year, workplaces in apartment buildings have been another story. Their use took off as people fled the confines of tiny apartments -- or roommates constantly on the phone or in Zoom meetings.

Building managers scrambled to respond to demand, moving the furniture around to make the spaces more work-friendly while also encouraging social distancing and adhering to capacity restrictions. Some party rooms were repurposed as work spaces to give people room to spread out. And with the warmer weather, rooftops have become another work setting.

It is unclear whether such arrangements will last. Some building managers say the ranks using co-working spaces are already thinning as the city opens up.

But developers are betting remote work is here to stay and are ramping up work-related offerings, including conference rooms and private offices that residents can reserve, even if it means scaling back recreational amenities to do so.

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