Gov. Cuomo has recently announced that restaurants and bars might have to close down during the cold weather months, although it sounded more like a threat, because he mentioned that he was angry about too little compliance with existing regulations.


judging from the city's seeming paralysis, it seems the pandemic is devastating New York far more than Miami or Dallas. Even though COVID cases are now minimal here and New Yorkers have followed most mandated instructions beautifully, we're being effectively shut down into depression. As night follows day, vagrancy and filth and crime follow.


If we've matched the virus-containing achievement of cities like Berlin, we should be able to operate like Berlin. Even Hoboken and Jersey City, just a few stops down the PATH train, have 25% capacity indoor dining. New York now has a solid testing infrastructure and fast-developing contact tracing networks. Restaurants and bars can open with UV lights or alternate strict sanitation measures, plexiglass separators, masks and hand-sanitizers required and restricted occupancy.


The root of quarantine is the word "quarante," French for forty, as in 40 days. Over 140 days is enough. Wake New York City up before September ends.''

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