By one estimate, the typical white family has wealth of $171,000. This is nearly ten times greater than the $17,150 for an average black family. Put another way, the typical black household remains poorer than 80% of white households.

This stunning wealth gap between the races has persisted, in good times and bad, for the past 70 years. It did not get better after the civil rights era legislation was passed in the 1960s or during the Obama administration.


"As long as we have racial wealth gap, we're going to have a problems with race," said Patrick Mason, an economics professor at Florida State University.

"The wealth gap is one of the reasons there are protests today," said Linwood Tauheed, a professor of economics at The University of Missouri-Kansas City and the president of the National Economics Association.


"African Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are -- that's not new for us-- but now you find young college students dissatisfied with their future."

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