I don't think many smart and creative people will leave NYC becuase of Covid-19. I think Covid-19 made many smart and creative people realize that NYC is just not worth it.

Something in the cost-benefit analysis no longer makes sense. And not only because many people can work remotely. But also because the city itself no longer maintains its own side of the bargain.

Crime is going up. Public transport is deteriorating. Housing costs are skyrocketing due to lack of new supply, especially around existing public transport stations. The streets are less pleasant and less safe to walk in -- notwithstanding a few cool experiments that are pedestrian-friendly. And that's before Covid-19.

I am using NYC as an example but the same is true for many other cities in developed countries.

What I am trying ot say is: Cities can still be great and attractive, especially for smart and creative people who can live anywhere they like. But they have to step up their game. Saying that they're too old, or too big, or need more money is a poor excuse. If Tokyo can be clean, be safe, walkable, have reasonably-priced housing, and have incredible public transport -- so can New York. More on this, soon.

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