New York-based Elliott Management revealed Thursday it has built a "substantial" stake in SoftBank, the firm run by billionaire Masa Son known for its $100 billion Vision Fund... Elliott, one of the world's most successful activist investors, said in a statement that it has held private talks with SoftBank leadership aimed at making changes to improve performance at the Japanese firm.


Elliott, founded by billionaire Paul Singer, did not disclose the size of its stake in SoftBank nor specific steps it wants the company to take.

However, The Wall Street Journal reported that the investment amounts to more than $2.5 billion, or around 3% of SoftBank's entire market value. The paper said Elliott is pushing for up to $20 billion in share buybacks and improvements in SoftBank's corporate governance.


In some ways, the tables have turned on SoftBank, which has long wielded vast power through its mega tech fund. Now, SoftBank is the one under pressure by a well-heeled investor.

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