Facebook users in Illinois could soon see a portion of a $550 million settlement over the company's alleged breach of Illinois' biometric information law.

The social media giant disclosed that it had come to a tentative agreement over a 2015 lawsuit that alleged the company violated Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act each time it stored a person's facial data to then notify them about photographs posted on the platform.

"When you would upload a photo, it would suggest who was in that photo and it was using facial recognition technology to do that," said Christoper Dore, partner attorney at Edelson PC.


The state's Biometric Information Privacy Act imposes a fine of $1,000 for each violation, and $5,000 if it's proven the defendant willfully neglected the law, but that standard is difficult to prove.

Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act prohibits businesses, governments or other entities from storing a person's biometric information, fingerprints, facial shape, or otherwise, without their explicit positive permission. It also sets other requirements for the storage of that information.''

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