New Jersey has for years been hard at work trying to collect from Uber for those exact reasons. It assessed the amount that Uber and subsidiary Rasier LLC, which processes payments to Uber drivers, owed at $523 million, and it tacked on around $119 million in additional penalties and interest.

Reached for comment and Uber spokesperson told Gizmodo that ""We are challenging this preliminary but incorrect determination, because drivers are independent contractors in New Jersey and elsewhere."


Uber's home state of California still leads the fight in enforcement, however, passing the contentious AB5 bill in September, opening up rideshare companies (and other businesses) to strict legal challenges for worker misclassification. Lyft, Uber, and other allies still intend to fight the law's implementation.

After the single worst IPO in history, Uber's share price has continued to fall, hovering at $26.25 per share at the time of this writing--nearly half of what it debuted at nine months ago.

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