Claim 1: Let's start with an easy one. On March 2, 2018, when Fox Business Network's "Mornings With Maria" asked whether China would retaliate against the metal tariffs, Mr. Trump's economic adviser Peter Navarro replied, "I don't believe any country in the world is going to retaliate for the simple reason that we are the most lucrative and biggest market in the world."

He was wrong: Everyone has retaliated against us. A recent study by the economists Mary Amiti of the Federal Reserve, Stephen J. Redding of Princeton and David Weinstein of Columbia shows that our trading partners, "especially China, have retaliated with tariffs averaging 16 percent on approximately $121 billion of U.S. exports."


The bottom line is that pretty much everything Mr. Trump has promised on the trade front by imposing tariffs hasn't panned out, even if the president persists in saying the opposite.

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