... what Trump is saying is, "Boneheads, lower the interest rates down to zero so that we can refinance the United States' debt and feel wealthier. In fact, lower the rate down to negative." So that's his whole purpose first of all. Treasury debt under Trump has grown by around $2.6 trillion already.

You might know that I have an opinion that under every eight-year president in the United States, the national debt doubles. It's been that way roughly back to Reagan. So we'll see if that holds true with Trump. He's well on his way

... the interest rate should compensate you for the risk of loaning to the nation. And now those rewards for loaning money have gone down so low that they've actually gone negative where it's a privilege to loan money to a country.

I'm not so sure that in the long run that holds up. But it is the case right now. And I think the U.S. is going to be the next one to follow.''

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