Donald Trump can't order American business to do anything. There's a reason the business world is known as the "private sector" -- because it's not owned or controlled by the government (aka the "public sector.") We don't have state-run industry (or media). The President of the United States can't "order" privately held business to do, well, much of anything.

Now, that doesn't mean that Trump can't have any influence. Every CEO will be apprised of Trump's tweets -- if they haven't already been -- and some, in an effort to cozy up to Trump or because they agree with him about the threat posed by China, will look for ways to divest in the country.

But that's very different than companies having to look for alternatives to China because the President said so. They, uh, don't.

It's not immediately clear -- to me at least -- if Trump understands that. Throughout his presidency, he has marveled at the total control that authoritarian rulers -- in places like Russia and China -- exert over their countries and publicly wished he had control like that.

Around here, we long have criticized the lopsided economic relationship with China; but simplistic and hasty responses are not the answer.

Also, we should respond to Donald Trump's presidency by enumerating a non-exhaustive list of automatically impeachable offenses, one of which being attempting to issue orders grossly outside of the president's constitutional power.

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