With her final act in public office, Theresa May had to lie for him too. There she was, on the steps of Downing Street, telling Johnson that, "Your successes will be the country's successes." Those "successes" will either be the renegotiation of a deal she knows cannot be renegotiated, or a no-deal Brexit that she herself ruled out months ago, because she knows with complete certainty it would be an utter disaster.

She spoke of Brexit as "a national renewal that can move us beyond the current impasse into the bright future the British people deserve". She's been prime minister for three long years in which every week has left the country £600m poorer than if Brexit, which she campaigned against and did not vote for, had not happened. There is no bright future. There are only lies.

And there, right on cue, with his big blonde mane, there was the Liar King. "The buck stops here," he said outside No 10, jabbing his finger forward, but he wasted no time at all in preparing the ground for the task ahead -- which is to shift the blame for his inevitable failure on to absolutely anyone who might be conned into taking it.

The buck stops here, but, if no-deal Brexit happens it will be because "Brussels refuses to negotiate any further".

The last three years of misery that he and his merry band of liars inflicted on the nation are already someone else's fault.

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