``As Americans rush Monday to finish with their own tax filings, their judgment on Trump's beloved tax cut bill is pretty clear: Most really don't like it. Multiple polls show a majority of Americans don't think they got a tax cut at all -- even though independent analyses show they did. And only about a third of the country approves of the legislation itself, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed by Congress at the end of 2017.''

This is 100% what we expected; if you don't make tax cuts economically significant for most people, duh, they won't notice. It never mattered if peanuts were being thrown to the proles while large cuts were being given to the wealthy and major corporations. Why would it? You can stoke fake hysteria about immigrants and muslim terrorists all you want, and certain people will buy into that -- precisely because it's imaginary -- but you can't fake what's in people's wallets. Trump told his fans he'd make them "so rich", and that clearly didn't happen. Of course, one could only have believed that if one fell for the con of a seasoned con artist...

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