President Donald Trump is reportedly doing all he can to resist efforts by House Democrats to obtain documents and information relating to their multiple ongoing investigations into his administration and business dealings.

According to The Washington Post, both Trump's personal attorneys and White House counsel Pat Cipollone are preparing the ground for a legal fight to block any subpoenas from the various House committees running investigations and will not turn anything over to Congress.

Trump is already not complying with information requests related to security clearances, meeting with foreign leaders, and other topics his team says are covered by executive privilege, the Post reported, citing aides familiar with White House discussions.

"They are fighting us on everything now, Representative Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, told the publication. "It's an assault on the separation of powers and specifically the congressional oversight function."


The House Financial Services Committee is exploring the Trump family finances and his relationship in particular with Deutsche Bank, which, despite his checkered history with debt continued to lend him and his company money over the years.

The House Ways and Means Committee is trying to draw out Trump's tax returns from the IRS amid suspicions of fraud, denied by the president. And the House Foreign Affairs Committee is looking into Trump's business relationships abroad to see if they have had any influence on his presidency.


For example, the oversight committee has requested from Mazars, Trump's personal accountant, 10 years of his financial documents. The judiciary committee recently hit 81 people with information requests related to Trump.

It's obvious now (if it wasn't before) that Trump is hiding something big.

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