Furniture giant Ikea plans to cut 7,500 jobs worldwide as part of a plan to cater more to online customers, the company said Wednesday.

The shakeup at the Swedish firm, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, shows that even Ikea -- known for its massive suburban stores and affordable assemble-yourself furniture -- is not immune to the online competition that has affected other brick-and-mortar retailers.

Most of the job cuts will not hit Ikea's retail workers, but rather those in office positions including human resources and communications, the Journal said.

Meanwhile, the firm plans to create thousands of new jobs -- 11,500, or 4,000 more than it is cutting -- by opening 30 new stores in urban centers and by investing in its e-commerce and delivery offerings.

Probably good moves... I would have bought more from Ikea if they were either (a) not out in the boonies, or (b) made it reasonably easy to order more of their inventory online (currently, they still use their web site as a glorified catalog of what's in their physical stores).

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