Like other investors in the incredibly long-shot dinar scheme, Kotseos hopes that Trump and the Iraqi government will somehow "revalue" or "RV" the currency, boosting its current value of less than $0.001 to $3 or $4.

Dinar promoters have claimed that near-mythical event will occur for nearly a decade. But if it does it would theoretically make a millionaire of anyone with the foresight to put just a few thousand dollars into dinars.


Unfortunately for American investors, the long-awaited "RV" never seems to come.

The persistently low value has inspired warnings from state regulators and several indictments against dinar sellers accused of misleading investors about the currency's prospects. But that hasn't stopped dinar investors from buying and counting on the much-awaited "RV" to make them rich.


Kotseos also spends a portion of each day in a dinar chatroom, where dinar holders try to convince one another that their investment will eventually pay off. Instead, she tries to promote "hopium"--dinar-world slang for optimism about the currency.

"Some people get a little negative," said Kotseos, who also tweets about the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory. "You've gotta squish it fast. We just support each other."

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