Andrew Ross Sorkin -- author of "Too Big to Fail" -- argues in his latest DealBook column for the New York Times that WeWork now has so much space in so many cities, its landlords can't afford to let it go under.

The co-working giant now controls 15.5 million square feet across 335 locations in 24 countries and says it is the largest tenant in Manhattan, Washington D.C. and London. So, when the next economic downturn arrives, WeWork's landlords might not be able to evict it even if it can't pay its rent... a more likely outcome would be for landlords to "swallow hard and renegotiate the lease agreements on more favorable terms to keep WeWork from creating a full-on panic." They could also have the company start acting as a property manager in the vein of Marriott, which manages rather than owns or leases hotels.

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