President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to hit Beijing with tariffs on an additional $267 billion in goods, a move that would expand the growing trade war to cover virtually everything the United States imports from China.


Those penalties, if applied, would come on top of tariffs the administration has already implemented on roughly $53 billion in Chinese imports and on another $200 billion that could be imposed in the coming days.


Imposing tariffs on an additional $267 billion in goods from China -- on top of the roughly $253 billion that have already been imposed or are pending -- would mean virtually all current imports from China would be caught in the crossfire, including consumer goods like cellphones and televisions. Trump`s comments Friday seemed to indicate that he was prepared to put in place the duties on the additional amount without any new public input or comment period.


"The notion that the president is going to add an extra $267 billion worth of tariffs is grossly irresponsible and possibly illegal," Jose Castaneda, a spokesman for the Information Technology Industry Council, said in a statement. "While we cannot overstate the potential economic harm of such a decision, we also question whether the administration has done the necessary investigation of Chinese policies and practices to justify this level of tariffs under the Section 301 statute. We urge the administration to clearly explain how Section 301 allows it to take such action."

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