The party is due to decide whether the deals on migration Merkel brought home from a Brussels summit this week are enough to satisfy the restive Christian Social Union (CSU), who are determined to secure a tougher immigration policy.

Nine months after elections that saw her lose votes to the far right, a weakened Merkel was forced to turn to European Union neighbors to help resolve a conflict with her allies which could bring down her three-month-old coalition.


There were fresh signs on Sunday that the two leaders, entrenched in their positions, may fail to resolve their differences. Seehofer said the matter was also affecting the "credibility" of his role as party leader and is planning to give a statement to CSU leaders, party sources said.


Earlier this week, EU leaders hammered out a deal to share out refugees on a voluntary basis and create "controlled centers" inside the European Union to process asylum requests.

Merkel said in an interview with ZDF television that the formal agreements and verbal commitments she had secured from her EU partners would have the migration-stemming effect the CSU wanted to achieve, but in a more European-minded fashion.

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