The president's outburst had been foreshadowed for days leading up to the Canada summit, with Mr. Trump and his counterparts trading sharp-edged barbs that included threats of punches and counterpunches on tariffs. President Emmanuel Macron of France accused Mr. Trump of being willing to remain isolated from the world.

That was followed by 48 hours of tense and often confrontational closed-door discussions between Mr. Trump and the leaders of America's closest allies -- France, Britain, Canada, Japan, Italy and Germany -- in the hopes of resolving a brewing trade war among friends.

Instead, the gathering apparently served to further inflame Mr. Trump's belief that the United States is being treated unfairly by countries with which prior presidents had long ago negotiated trade agreements for the flow of goods and services.

The result was a slow-rolling collapse of the fragile alliances that officials at the summit -- and even Mr. Tump's own White House advisers -- insisted throughout the day could be maintained in the face of fundamental disagreements.


Earlier in the day, before Mr. Trump left the summit, he brought up the dramatic prospect of completely eliminating tariffs on goods and services, even as he threatened to end all trade with them if they didn't stop what he said were unfair trade practices.

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