Evidence strongly indicates that President Donald J. Trump and his campaign associates brokered a massive oil privatization deal, where his Organization facilitated a global financial transaction to sell Russian Oil stock to its Syrian War adversary, the Emirate of Qatar... The end result allowed Russia to trade stolen emails to help to Donald Trump's election campaign (as well as that of many Republican Congressmen), in exchange for help circumventing American sanctions to transact the sale of Rosneft, which Putin desperately needed to finance his budget deficit.


Carter Page met with Rosneft in December to assist with the deal, and he's on the record admitting it but claims he didn't meet Igor Sechin," said Dworkin incredulously... mighty brokerage fee to one of the Trump campaign advisors, Moscow-based investment banker Carter Page, is highlighted in the former MI-6 operative's report.

Theoretically, the former Merrill Lynch investment banker, Page, may have only been the "bag man" or go-between and someone else is the recipient of the cash premium in the dossier. Five hundred million dollars is a lot of money, and conceivably, many members of the Trump Organization, or family, could be involved in a deal of that scope.


Nineteen and a half percent of Rosneft's stock was agreed to be transferred on December 7th, before the board was informed of the transaction's terms only after it took place.

The "matryoshka" (named after the famous nesting dolls) or complex deal structure is most likely designed to avoid American sanctions imposed over the Ukraine invasion against Rosneft, its CEO Igor Sechin, and its parent company Gazprom.

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