Cohen suggested that Qatar could revitalize some Midwestern towns, saying, according to al-Rumaihi, "`For example, we can find a steel factory that is about to shut down. You guys can invest. I'll give you some names to appoint as partners. You guys put in the money, we will put in the know-how, and share the profits 50-50. We can perhaps get a federal government `off-take agreement' for 10 to 15 years. It will revitalize the city, great PR, you guys will look like you're saving the city, everybody wins.'"

Al-Rumaihi surmised that the biggest winners would be the silent "partners," who would put in "know-how," rather than money and walk away with half the profits.

When al-Rumaihi asked Cohen more generally about important projects that the investment fund should back, Cohen said there were plenty of options. But Cohen said he would need $1 million first, as part of his fee, al-Rumaihi told The Intercept.


Cohen and al-Rumaihi met again briefly that week at the Plaza Hotel, where Cohen showed al-Rumaihi pictures on his mobile phone of his daughter, who he said was in London at the time.

Al-Rumaihi recalled a bizarre turn in the conversation that "went something like, `Oh you guys know London pretty well, given all the properties you own, like Harrods -- I bet there's a lot of nice purses there she'd like.'" (A few months later, Cohen was in the news for sharing an artistic photo of her in lingerie on Twitter.)

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