Shkreli, 35, in March had asked to be sent to the minimum-security camp adjacent to another federal prison in Pennsylvania, FCI Canaan. His sentencing judge endorsed that request. But the Bureau of Prisons has the last word in determining where to place its inmates.

[Shkreli's lawyer] Brafman previously said that Judge Kiyo Matsumoto's ruling last September that Shkreli was a public danger would prevent him from being sent to a minimum-security camp because of BOP guidelines.


Matsumoto had said Shkreli was a danger as she revoked his bail for, among other things, his bizarre offer toFacebook followers of $5,000 for each strand of hair they managed to pull off the head of Hillary Clinton, who at the time was in the midst of a book tour.''

So basically he got himself sent to federal prison instead of camping by being a dick (totally superfluously -- Hillary Clinton didn't even have anything to do with his case, as unsavory as she might be).

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