Jim Coulter, the billionaire co-founder of private investment powerhouse TPG, told CNBC on Thursday he's troubled by the lack of worry among the financial heavyweights at the World Economic Forum about the stock market and the economy. "My biggest concern is how little concern there is," said Coulter, also co-chief executive of TPG.


"As an investor, I'm concerned as we move from monetary policy to fiscal policy," Coulter said in a CNBC interview from the annual gathering in Davos, Switzerland. "I'm not commenting on the near term. I'm commenting on our view, which is three years out. If the party goes on longer, the next day may feel worse."


"I was clearly not as bullish as the markets turned out," Coulter acknowledged, but said he's worried the Trump bump in the market and the economy is only setting up a bigger fall down the road.

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