``Antifragile entities thrive in disorder and chaos, not just weather them. They are more valuable in volatile times. That is exactly the case of Bitcoin. Western citizens (and senior bankers in particular) don't get Bitcoin and don't understand its value because they are living in a highly stable, highly predictable society, where the chances that everything you ever owned will one day disappear on a whim are virtually zero. Bitcoin's utility for such people is very low, and it functions mainly as a speculative asset. In chaotic regions and countries, Bitcoin and other crypto assets shine. Bitcoin allows a citizen of such a country to keep his fortune out of the arbitrary hands of his regime. It allows immigrant workers to easily and securely send back money to their families abroad, and allows refugees all over the world to take their assets with them regardless of where they go and what they need to tackle on their way. These are major innovations which will have profound, long lasting implications on the human condition.''

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