In the 1980s, his political rise still decades away, Trump bought an old apartment building across the street from Central Park in New York that he hoped to tear down and rebuild as a high-rent tower.

When the longtime residents wouldn't move out voluntarily, the New York Times wrote, Trump hired a management company that essentially ran the building into the ground.

And while Trump threatened to house homeless people in the building, the management company used creative tactics that included covering windows in tin and forbidding Christmas decorations in the lobby.


Bill O'Reilly aired an exposé in 2004 on how the generic word "holiday" was supplanting traditional "Christmas" language. It would be even longer before Trump demonstrated any real concern about the distinction... While Trump continued wishing "happy holidays" for years, his first use of the word "Christmas" on Twitter appears to have been in 2011 -- shortly after he expressed interest in running for president.

As Bill Murray says in "Scrooged" when transported by the Ghost of Christmas Present to a sub-terranean NYC gutter: "Where are we, Trump Tower?" (classic!)

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