A group of major creditors of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox have filed a court petition urging that the disgraced and now-defunct exchange be removed from bankruptcy, in order to prevent its CEO Mark Karpeles from walking away with a billion dollar profit.

According to a report by Financial Times, the legal bid to move the exchange out of bankruptcy and into civil rehabilitation comes in the wake of Bitcoin's recent price surge, after which the 202,185 Bitcoins held by the Mt. Gox trustee have risen to approximately $3 billion in value.


Outrage ensued last month among creditors after it was revealed Karpeles stood to walk away from the trial as a multibillionaire, owing to a technicality in Japanese bankruptcy law. Currently, if Mt. Gox maintains its bankrupt status, the assets in the trustee's custody will be liquidated, and the payouts creditors receive will be in accordance with the exchange rate at the time the bankruptcy proceedings began in 2014 -- roughly $440 per Bitcoin, which is nothing in comparison to the current price of over $17,000 per Bitcoin. Karpeles, by comparison, will stand to collect a massive profit after liabilities have been paid off.

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