Four Equifax Inc. executives who sold stock in the days after the company discovered a security breach had no knowledge of the incident when they made the trades, the company said.

A special committee of the firm's board that investigated the sales also determined the executives obtained appropriate clearance from Equifax's legal department and that the transactions complied with company policy, Atlanta-based Equifax said Friday in a statement.


The committee appointed by Equifax's board found that Gamble was the first of the four executives to learn of the breach during an offsite management meeting on Aug. 10, according to the statement. He was on vacation with his wife in Utah when the incident was uncovered, the company said. Loughran and Brandberg were made aware of the hack between Aug. 13 and Aug. 15, while Ploder wasn't briefed on the matter until a senior leadership meeting on Aug. 22.

Of course, this could just mean the committee found no evidence of the selling executives being informed of the breach earlier...

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