For two years, prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney's office had been building a criminal case against them for misleading prospective buyers of units in the Trump SoHo, a hotel and condo development that was failing to sell. Despite the best efforts of the siblings' defense team, the case had not gone away. An indictment seemed like a real possibility. The evidence included emails from the Trumps making clear that they were aware they were using inflated figures about how well the condos were selling to lure buyers.


Donald Trump dispatched his own personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, to bypass the Major Economic Crimes Bureau, in favor of direct talks with District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. Kasowitz, who'd donated $25,000 that same year to Vance, must've worked some magic in that meeting because despite two years of investigation and a trail of emails pointing to fraud, Vance overruled his staff and dropped the case. Kasowitz bragged about making it disappear

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