``According to a report in the New York Times, "So far that expansion has indeed led to some $70 million in new gaming tax and ample jobs at new facilities and constructions sites, according to casino operators. But early returns from two casinos that opened in February have been weaker than projections, according to the most recent figures posted by the New York State Gaming Commission. The Del Lago Resort & Casino -- built opposite an Amish farm adjacent to the Thruway outside Rochester -- is on pace to gross about $151 million in gaming revenue in its first year, significantly lower than the $262 million it had projected when it applied for the license in 2014. Likewise, the Rivers Casino and Resort in downtown Schenectady, next to the Mohawk River, has also underperformed. Its first-year projections ran between $181.5 million and $222.2 million; since opening on Feb. 8, an event attended by Mr. Cuomo, the casino has grossed $81.8 million -- a pace that represents just 77 percent of even its lowball estimate. A third new casino, Tioga Downs, which in December was converted from one of the state's racinos, is also running short of its projections."''

What??? So consumers don't have tons of money to blow (literally, burn up)??? We're shocked...

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