It was revealed this week that Airbnb paid less than €100,000 (£90,336) in French taxes last year, despite the country being the room-booking firm's second-biggest market after the US.

In response, the French economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, informed the national assembly that the EU's Franco-German axis would be proposing a pan-European clampdown. "These digital platforms make tens of millions of sales and the French treasury gets a few tens of thousands," the minister said, adding that the current setup was "unacceptable".

Le Maire further claimed in parliament that an ongoing consultation being led by the commission and the OECD to address the tax question were "taking too much time, it's all too complicated". Many digital platforms operating in the EU have a base in Ireland, including Airbnb, where they can exploit a low corporation tax regime. Le Maire said: "Everybody has to pay a fair contribution."

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