Many of those [apparent Kremlin-sanctioned] murders took place while Theresa May was the Home Secretary and she herself has intervened in some of these cases. She personally intervened to protect "international relations" with Russia in delaying the investigation into the death of Alexander Litvinenko. She also was involved in the government's decision to withhold evidence in the death of another Russian, Alexander Perepilichny.

In addition, May has reduced the police budget by nearly $3 billion as part of the Conservatives' austerity budget and a switch in focus to anti-terrorism efforts. A number of senior police officials blame those cuts for reduced capabilities, especially in pursuing difficult investigations that these murders required.

That push for austerity also was a major factor in the next disaster to befall May and that was the horrific fire at the Grenfell tower. Apparently, the private building manager that the council had employed to upgrade the building used cladding that is banned in the US and Germany specifically because of the fire hazard. Using fireproof cladding would have cost just an additional 5,000 pounds.

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