The story reported on how Barrack was able to wholesale being a scumbag landlord to 31,000 homes under his Colony Starwood Homes. The news began to get picked up and lo and behold, Mr. Barrack decided to cut and run.


Over the next seven days before Christmas [1994], Barrack and his lieutenant, Bill Rogers, would jet from New York to Los Angeles, Taiwan, London and Saudi Arabia, begging billionaires to buy the loans and keep the bankers from Trump's throat... Rogers says now, recounting the frenzied middle-of-the-night flights that kept the $4.5 billion West Side Railyards site from being Trump's burial ground.


That was back in 1994 when bankers wanted to be done with one of New York's worst businessmen, Donald Trump. Sadly, scumbags like Trump tend to get buoyed by other scumbags like Barrack. On Thursday, June 8, Reveal News published an exposé by Aaron Glanz that revealed how Thomas J. Barrack had created one of the largest scumlord rental schemes in the United States..

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