The critical question is not whether Trump campaign associates colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election. That's an important peripheral question but pales in comparison to the overarching question, which is: does Donald Trump have a long term business history with Russian criminal elements which renders him a national security risk to the United States.


One of the key players in Bayrock [a Trump development in NYC], a man variously known as Felix Sater a/k/a Felix Satter, has been profiled multiple times in the U.S. media for his dodgy Russian background; for serving time in prison; for his involvement in a $40 million stock fraud tied to New York crime families; and for functioning secretly as a mole for more than a decade for the FBI to avoid jail time for the stock fraud scheme. Equally stunning, Sater's mole years were spent simultaneously working to develop condo and hotel deals for Trump.


Oberlander [an attorney pursuing opening of related information in court] adds the following: "If I can show that Donald Trump at some point knew the truth about the crimes of Bayrock, or even some of them, and kept on helping Bayrock's businesses, while knowing that it has been engaged and continued to engage in crime, then it's goodbye, goodluck."

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